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Uncharted 2 DLC Pack To Include “Playstation Heroes” Skins

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Naughty Dog announced via the Playstation Blog that their fantastic action/adventure game, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, will receive some additional DLC, part of which included character skins for other Playstation 3 exclusive titles from Insominiac, Sucker Punch, and Guerrilla Games.

The downloadable content, releasing January 28th on the Playstation network, and entitled the “Playstation Heroes” will include the character skins Sev and a Helghast Soldier from Killzone 2, Nathan Hale and a Chimeran Soldier from Resistance 2, and Good Cole, Evil Cole, and Zeke from inFAMOUS. ┬áThe pack will cost $4.99.

In other news, there will also be a single player Uncharted 2: Among Thieves demo available for all to play for free the same day.

Source – Playstation Blog


US PSN 10 for $10 Today

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The US Playstation Network update today revealed a promotion in which 10 handpick PSN and PSP titles will be available for $10 or less for 1 week only.

The titles are as follows:


Braid – $7.49

Burn Zombie Burn – $4.99

Critter Crunch – $3.49

Gravity Crash – $4.99

Zen Pinball – $4.99


Creature Defense – $3.99

Crystal Defenders – $4.99

Kurulin Fusion – $2.49

Savage Moon: The Hera Campaign – $4.99


There’s some great stuff in there, in particular Braid and Critter Crunch on the PS3, and Crystal Defenders and Savage Moon on the PSP, so snap ’em up while they’re here!

Sorry For The Sporadic Posts.

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Hey folks, I just wanted to apologize for the sporadic posts this past month, but me and missus have been in the process of moving to a new place, and it’s been a rather time consuming endeavor. Once we get settled into the new home, I’ll be able to start posting more frequently.

Be on the lookout for reviews of Assassin’s Creed 2, Borderlands, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Darksiders, White Knight Chronicles, as well as my usual rage induced editorials on the gaming media and their never-ending stupidity this generation! See you guys soon!

Heavy Rain Demo To Hit EU PSN February 11th

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Quantic Dream’s Noirish thriller, Heavy Rain won’t be landing on store shelves until February 23rd, but gamers eagerly anticipating their first taste of this unique title will be able to satisfy those desires come February 11th. Well, those gamers in the EU, or with an EU PSN account.

No other details have been given, other that a demo is on the way. I can’t wait.

God of War 3 Official Release Date Announced

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Sony has officially announced the release date for the highly anticipated 3rd chapter in the God of War series.

That date would be March 16th, 2010, exclusively for the Playstation 3. Being a huge fan of the GoW series, I am absolutely stoked to be able to finish the fight against the gods come March.

Select/Start Games Best of 2009 Awards

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2009 now draws to a close, and for gamers, it has been one of the best years of this generation, if not the best year this generation in terms of quality software. It seemed like no matter what the genre or platform, you could find a game that simply screamed quality, even amidst the many game delays that plagued the year. These awards are by no means comprehensive, or to be taken as law, but they are certainly the games we felt really summed up 2009. Enjoy. Continue reading