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Xbox LIVE Update December 31, 2008

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Sorry for the late update, but my computer’s power supply decided to die on me yesterday, and I had to reformat my fiance’s hard drive on her laptom (which is what I’m using right now).

With that said, Happy New Year everybody! Anyway, Xbox LIVE has been updated today. It’s not the biggest update, but it is what it is. Enjoy!
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3 Minutes of Demon Souls

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Demon Souls
The guys at PS3 Fanboy have a 3 minute trailer of Playstation 3 exclusive Demon Souls.

The game is coming from developer From Software, who have made titles such as Gundam, and Enchanted Arms. That alone makes me weary of the quality of Demon Souls, however, the video has plenty of bits of gameplay that give a glimmer of hope. Combat appears to be a measured affair, more in line with sword-fighting than hack n’ slashing, so at the least, I’ll keep my eye out on it’s progress, and hope we get a demo soon.

The game is slated to release in Japan in February, so I suppose we won’t have to wait too much longer.

Source – PS3 Fanboy

My PS3 is off to repair!

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Just stopping in to report that I finally recieved my coffin for my dead PS3 today, and have since taken it to UPS for delivery to wherever dead consoles go to be reborn.

I’m not expecting to get my shiny black monolith back for a few weeks yet (although I’m unrealistically hoping for a end of the week miracle), so in the meantime, I’ll be playing plenty of PSP, and 360. I’m still battling my way through Final Fantasy: Dissidia, and I also have the original two Final Fantasies on the PSP to get through as well. I still have to beat Crisis Core, which I’m a good 25+ hours into at the moment.

I suppose I’ll just make it a Final Fantasy week, and try and beat all of those titles until my PS3 is back.

When it does return, I’ve decided that I’ll chronicle completing every single one of my PS3 games all over again, being as how the HDD has been reformatted, and all of my game date is gone.

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Prince of Persia Review

Posted in Playstation 3, Reviews, Xbox 360 with tags , , , , on December 29, 2008 by Stefano Terry

I’m a huge Prince of Persia fan. Well, at least the titles released last generation, as I admit I never played the originals on the PC way back in the day (that’s since been rectified, however).

The Sands of Time Trilogy stand as one of my favorite gaming trilogies of all time, so I was a bit skeptical when I heard that Ubisoft Montreal was going back to the Prince of Persia well, not only with a new Prince, but with a re-worked combat system, art style, and, most concerning of all, no Sands of Time as a gameplay mechanic.

While my fears were understandable, they ultimately turned out to be unfounded, as this new Prince of Persia is altogether beautiful, engaging, and most importantly, fun. It is not perfect, of course, but it’s flaws are so minimal, and the overall experience so tightly polished that they can be brushed off your shoulders like, well, sand.

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Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Review

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I’ll preface this review by saying that I am a huge Spider-Man fan. I don’t know when I became a groupie for the wall-crawling arachnid, but I’ve been following his exploits in comics, games, and film for what seems like ages now.

Spider-Man in games, however, has been a rather mixed bag over the decades. Neversoft’s Playstation 1 title “Spider-Man” is probably still one of the best representations of ol’ webhead and his world, while Spider-Man 2 managed to truly capture what it felt like to swing between New York’s skyscrapers. Later games in the series either suffered from poor design, poor combat, or nerfed swinging.
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Resistance: Retribution screens and artwork

Posted in News, PSP, Screenshots with tags , , on December 26, 2008 by Stefano Terry

Eurogamer has a bunch of really cool Resistance: Retribution screens for the upcoming PSP shooter.

This game looks incredible, especially when you consider it’s running on the PSP, and from what I’ve seen of the gameplay, it’s going to deliver in that category as well. Being the huge Resistance fan that I am, I’m eager to get my hands on this title and delve back into it’s world after beating the first two titles in the series.

Some of my favorite screens after the jump.
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Two New White Knight Chronicles Videos

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White Knight Chronicles
The guys over at Gamersyde have posted two more videos up of Playstation 3 exclusive White Knight Chronicles, which has just recently hit the store shelves in Japan.

I highly recommend downloading the 720p videos and giving it a look see in high def, as the game has some truly beautiful visuals.

Source – Gamersyde