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Today Only: Get Castle Crashers For $7 On XBLM

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For today only, you can pick up the highly entertaining, old school style hack n’ slash, Castle Crashers for just 560 MS Points ($7). That’s half it’s regular price!

Castle Crashers is one of the best games available on the XBLM, so I recommend taking advantage of this deal while it lasts!


Dragon Age Origins: Return To Ostagar DLC Announced

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Bioware has revealed some new downloadable content for their RPG hit Dragon Age.

Entitled, “Return to Ostagar,” the DLC will include a new quest in which players embark on a quest to attain King Cailan’s armor by returning to Ostagar, site of the Grey Warden’s greatest defeat, and uncovering King Cailan’s secrets.

The DLC is priced at 400MS Points ($4.99 for the PS3 version), and will be hitting the PC and 360 on January 5th. The PS3 will get the content sometime later in January.

Demon’s Souls Winter Solstace Pure White Tendency Begins Today

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For those brave adventurers traversing the extremely hazardous Kingdom of Boletaria, you may find yourself facing enemies not as deadly, as From Software has turned the World Tendency to Pure White in recognition of Winter Solstace. Enemies won’t be as tough, and item drops tied to world tendency may be easier to come by, as well as NPC’s tied to tendency as well.

The event will last until next Tuesday, December 28th, so take advantage of it while you can!

Little Big Planet Getting Pirates of the Caribbean Level Pack

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Media Molecule has announced that their Playstation 3 exclusive darling Little Big Planet will receive it’s first new level pack since the Metal Gear Solid Pack next week, December 22, in the form of a Pirates of the Caribbean set.

The pack will include 5 new levels, 1 new costume, 4 new music tracks, 1 new level background, 8 materials, 14 decorations, 27 objects, 133 stickers and 11 new PlayStation Trophies. Additionally, the much anticipated “Water Upgrade” will make it’s debut with this pack, allowing Sackboys and Sackgirls to get themselves into all sorts of waterlogged adventures.

The pack will retail at $5.99 (USD).

The Benefits Of More Space

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An Editorial By Figboy

Ever since Sony announced that the Playstation 3 would include a high capacity Blu Ray disc drive in each console, the decision was highly criticized for being Sony’s attempt to Trojan Horse Blu Ray into the marketplace, and how the need for a higher capacity disc was not needed in gaming.

However, over the past three years the Playstation 3 has been on the market, it has shown, time and time again, that having that extra space does more for gaming than earlier pundits believed. I’m going to outline just a few of the benefits that extra 25-50 gigs of space on a single and dual layer Blu Ray has brought to gaming. Continue reading

PixelJunk Shooter Review

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Genre: Thumbstick Shooter/Puzzler
Platform: Playstation 3 (PSN)
Developer: Q Games
Price: $9.99 (USD)

Q Games has been making a name for themselves as a developer that can craft engaging, fun games with the simplest of graphical presentation and game play mechanics. Their latest, Pixel Junk Shooter takes the familiar “Thumbstick Shooter” genre, and marries it with a unique premise to bring us one of their best, if not, best titles in the PixelJunk series. Continue reading

PS3 Firmware Update 3.15 Available Now

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That’s about the long and short of it. I briefly detailed the update a few days ago. It’s optional, so you’ll have to go to the “System Update” tab in the Cross Media Bar and get to downloading!