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Stefano’s E3 2014 Report Part 7: PlayStation Vita

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The PlayStation Vita is, without a doubt, my favorite handheld device. I also love my 3DS, but my library of games on the Vita is over 160 and still growing. So, it goes without saying that I was anticipating seeing what the handheld had on offer at this years E3, but I was also apprehensive, as there was nary a peep from Sony concerning the Vita at their E3 press conference the Monday before the show floor opened. So, did the Vita deliver this year?

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Stefano’s E3 2014 Report Part 3: Bloodborne

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Bloodborne was the last game I saw at E3 today, and boy, what a game to go out on! It’s not big on flash, set-pieces, or fancy combo systems, but what I saw demoed for me catapulted the game to my game of the show, ahead of The Witcher 3, and The Order 1886. Bloodborne is a third person action/horror/rpg developed by From Software, produced by Sony Japan Studios, and is being published by SCE exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Read on for my thoughts.

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Stefano’s E3 2014 Report Part 2: The Order 1886

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The Order 1886 wasn’t the first game I got my hands on at E3 this year, but it was definitely one of the titles I was anticipating checking out for myself the most. For those unfamiliar with the title, The Order 1886 is a third person shooter set in an alternate history London in which an ancient order of knights must protect the world from supernatural threats. The game is being developed by Ready at Dawn, exclusively for the PlayStation 4. So, how did it hold up? Read on below to find out.

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Stefano’s E3 2014 Report Part 1: The Witcher 3

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Hey, everybody!

I just got back from my first day at E3, and I had a great time! I saw a lot, played a lot, and wore down the soles on my shoes! I can’t say that this is a comprehensive E3 2014 report, as I focused on the stuff that interests me. Below is Part 1 of my summary of the stuff I saw. I’ll be uploading my photo gallery as well a little later. So, read on to find out what I thought of E3 2014!

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inFAMOUS 2 UGC: “The New Marais Ripper” Parts 1-3

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Hey folks! It’s been pretty busy for me lately, so I haven’t been able to update as often as I’d like, but today is rather special for me!

As some of you are aware, I was in the inFAMOUS 2 User Generated Content (UGC) Beta back in April (I wrote some nifty impressions on the beta here: Continue reading

Thoughts on Mass Effect 2

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By Namelessshe

Mass Effect 2 left me with mixed feelings. There were definitely things it improved upon from the first game, but at the same time, I think it took a big step back. Why?

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The Benefits Of More Space

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An Editorial By Figboy

Ever since Sony announced that the Playstation 3 would include a high capacity Blu Ray disc drive in each console, the decision was highly criticized for being Sony’s attempt to Trojan Horse Blu Ray into the marketplace, and how the need for a higher capacity disc was not needed in gaming.

However, over the past three years the Playstation 3 has been on the market, it has shown, time and time again, that having that extra space does more for gaming than earlier pundits believed. I’m going to outline just a few of the benefits that extra 25-50 gigs of space on a single and dual layer Blu Ray has brought to gaming. Continue reading