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Stefano’s E3 2014 Report Part 3: Bloodborne

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Bloodborne was the last game I saw at E3 today, and boy, what a game to go out on! It’s not big on flash, set-pieces, or fancy combo systems, but what I saw demoed for me catapulted the game to my game of the show, ahead of The Witcher 3, and The Order 1886. Bloodborne is a third person action/horror/rpg developed by From Software, produced by Sony Japan Studios, and is being published by SCE exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Read on for my thoughts.

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From Softwares New Game is Pixel Art Perfection

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3D Dot Heroes

From Software is publishing a new PS3 game, and it’s anything but traditional. Developed by Silicon Studio and titled “3D Dot Game Heroes,” the game is a classic styled RPG with a twist. Instead of 2D sprites, the game is made up of, well, 3D Sprites (see screenshot above).

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3 Minutes of Demon Souls

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Demon Souls
The guys at PS3 Fanboy have a 3 minute trailer of Playstation 3 exclusive Demon Souls.

The game is coming from developer From Software, who have made titles such as Gundam, and Enchanted Arms. That alone makes me weary of the quality of Demon Souls, however, the video has plenty of bits of gameplay that give a glimmer of hope. Combat appears to be a measured affair, more in line with sword-fighting than hack n’ slashing, so at the least, I’ll keep my eye out on it’s progress, and hope we get a demo soon.

The game is slated to release in Japan in February, so I suppose we won’t have to wait too much longer.

Source – PS3 Fanboy